A Guide to Bible Prophecy

ProphecypicA 6 section course exploring one of the most intriguing and exciting aspects of the Bible.  This course is designed for those with minimal prior knowledge of the Bible.  Starting by clearly defining what a prophecy is and their importance in establishing the reliability of the Bible, this course then examines in detail some of the most exciting and relevant prophetic texts.  The materials highlight some astounding facts of history that the Bible has accurately predicted.  You will finish the course with a clear understanding of how to approach reading and interpreting prophecies for yourself.

Course content includes:

  • Background to the main prophetic books
  • Types of prophecy – historic, future, multiple fulfillments
  • Prophecies of past world empires
  • Prophecies of Israel, ancient and modern
  • Prophecies of a Messiah
  • An introduction to the Book of Revelation
  • The Armageddon prophecies

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