Be part of the journey

We are really excited to announce the launch of our sister site where we’re bringing together resources for us to share on our journey. But what do we mean by that?  What journey?

Well, Bible Feed is here to help us improve our biblical understanding by bringing quality content to engage with. We want you to understand the Bible together with us. The word picture of a journey is the perfect metaphor to capture the experience of learning something new, or even deepening existing knowledge. We want you to be immersed in an experience of learning about the Bible in different ways, (visual and audio, short clips and longer studies), so that you travel with us as we increase our collective understanding of what the Bible is really all about.

But there’s another reason why the journey is a useful concept to use. And that’s because of something that the famous New Testament missionary Paul said when he was hauled up before Felix, the governor at Caesarea. Here it is from Acts 24:14.

“But this I confess to you, that according to the Way, which they call a sect, I worship the God of our fathers, believing everything laid down by the Law and written in the Prophets.”

Paul was accused by the Jewish rulers and priests of abandoning their religion and turning to a splinter sect. So he defends himself by appealing to what this group believe. He’s talking about the very beginnings of Christianity; the rough-edged, disorganised community of little congregations popping up around the Roman empire. This is first century Christianity. This is the Jesus follower movement in its raw infancy.

But at this stage in its history it’s already got a name. A name that must have had at least some level of recognition since Felix also knows about it in verse 22. He calls this movement the Way.

Christianity is the Way; it’s a journey to travel. It’s not merely a badge to put on or some new clothes to wear. It’s not a creed to recite or a statement to affirm. It’s active and mobile. It’s about traveling, moving out of comfort zones and journeying onwards towards Christ. It’s a way of living along a path that follows Jesus.

This is the journey that we at Bible Feed are trying to make. And journeys are always easier – and more fun – together in community. So, be part of the journey.
Understand the Bible. Together.