New year, new Bible reading plan!

If you’re going into 2023 thinking: “perhaps I’ll finally try to get my head around the Bible this year”, maybe our reading plan will help!

This plan doesn’t aim to include every chapter in the Bible but does cover all the diverse parts of the Bible and is designed to include all the main characters and key messages over the course of a year.

We’ll post a link to a selection of 7 chapters each week (so just one chapter a day) and when you follow the link you’ll see a helpful, brief summary of each chapter, just to give you a heads up on what to expect before you dive in and read the full chapter – see the snapshot below as an example.

Here’s the link for the first week, starting tomorrow on Sunday 1 Jan 2023. We hope you find it useful and that it helps you get into reading the Bible for yourself!

Click to see the chapters for week 1 of the reading plan

As the chapters in this plan are a selection and not all chapters of the Bible, we have also prepared summaries of every chapter in all the books of the Bible if you want to explore those that are not in the plan – you can view this here.