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Introduction to Numbers – the wilderness years Bible Feed

Josh and Paul continue our series of book introductions, taking on the next of the five books of the Torah – Numbers, which is actually not just about counting things, it's about a journey through the wilderness.  As they work through the sections of the narrative, they find a pattern that has already been repeated several times in previous books and has its roots in Genesis.  They also look at the purpose of the two censuses and conclude that it says more about God's overarching care for his people to protect, preserve and remain true to his promises. Listen in to find out where the journey ends! 
  1. Introduction to Numbers – the wilderness years
  2. Introducing the Devil and Satan – part 1
  3. Introduction to the Psalms – Part 2
  4. Introduction to the Psalms – Part 1
  5. Introduction to Philemon

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