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We’ve completely refreshed our most popular course and made it available through an interactive learning system. Over 12 sections, it will take you through a wide range of material covering all parts of the Bible.

Open Bible Learning is provided by an independent group of Bible Students in Warwickshire, UK.

Our aim is to provide stimulating online courses designed to encourage people to study their Bibles for themselves.

Bitesize blog

  • To the end of the earth
    The final words of Jesus to his disciples, as he stood on the Mount of Olives before disappearing from their sight were: “you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth” (Acts 1:8). This commission to his followers is clear enough but if youContinue reading “To the end of the earth”
  • Latest Podcast: Why read the Bible?
    For our final podcast of 2020, we’re bringing you a discussion we recorded when lockdown started in the UK in March 2020.  It seems like an age ago but also like yesterday – when we were just getting to the point of that first lockdown haircut!  The subject is “Why read the Bible?” which seemsContinue reading “Latest Podcast: Why read the Bible?”
  • Chosen by God?
    The Biblical narrative appears to be all about Israel. If you read it quickly you might come away with the impression that God just arbitrarily chose a nation over all others and showed them favouritism.  You may gain the impression that God is quite happy to favour some people and to leave others out, justContinue reading “Chosen by God?”